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Harlem CORE | Browse Items
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This is a xeroxed photo of Doris Innis, aka Doris Funnye, Harlem CORE member from its earliest days to its last.
Not only was she the wife of Harlem CORE chairman Roy Innis, she was the sister of the previous Harlem CORE chairman, Clarence…

This is photo of Harlem CORE chairman Victor Solomon (right, turtleneck) at Harlem CORE's annual Christmas celebration.
Originally from Cuba, Solomon was Harlem CORE's only Latino chairman.

This is a photo of Harlem CORE chairman Leonard DeChamps surrounded by children at a Harlem CORE annual Christmas celebration.

DeChamps before becoming Harlem CORE chairman in the 1970's was the head of CORE's youth affiliate, the Students…

This is a xeroxed photo of a Harlem CORE Black Power banner outside of Harlem CORE headquarters on 135th st. , surrounded by supporters and members of Harlem CORE

This is a xeroxed photo of Harlem CORE, Doris Innis, Her work is highly significant in terms of the documentation of Harlem CORE's history and philosophy.
She was the editor for all of its publications, from its earliest newsletters, 'New York…

This is a xeroxed photo of Elaine Parker taken approx. 1970-1971. At the time, she was running for Adam Clayton Powell's old seat as district leader in the 74th Assembly District Part A. Her candidacy was endorsed by Harlem CORE. Her political party…

This is a xeroxed photo of a pre-CORE Roy Innis, 1958. In the photo, he is working at the Bronx studio of the photographer responsible for the photo, Austin Hansen. Mr. Hansen relocated to 135th st. up the street from the CORE offices. The woman with…

This is a xeroxed photo of Harlem CORE members in their office space, taken during the mid-late 1970's. The woman on the right with the dark blazer and afro is wearing a CORE pin in her lapel.

This is a xeroxed photo of Harlem CORE's day care center workers and children, presumably taken in the mid-late 1970's.

This is a xeroxed photo of Jerome Smith, Harlem CORE chairman (1969-1970) and vice-chairman under Victor Solomon. He was born and raised in Harlem.
Along with Harlem CORE member Donald Elfe, he was also one of the leaders and founders of Central…