CORE in the 21st Century


A collection of photos illustrating the ideological shift the organization has gone through since the civil rights era.
The organization shifted politically to the right, aligning themselves with conservative, corporate, Republican interests, most of whom were former opponents of the civil rights movement.

“There are a lot of guys around who call themselves Black nationalists (and) who don’t know what the word means. Generally, they use the movement as their own private hustle. They call themselves Black nationalists; Black nationalists call them pork chops.” Roy Innis, 1972


A photo of FOX News' conservative talk show host Sean Hannity as master of ceremonies at the 2008 Martin Luther King Day event. This serves as a perfect example of the path CORE has taken in the last twenty plus years. The image of such a virulently…

A photo of Laura Bush (wife of President George W. Bush) at CORE's 2008 Martin Luther King Day event.

A photo of President George W. Bush speaking at CORE ceremony right before the 2000 presidential elections. He was widely accused of stealing this election by illegally denying the right to vote to Blacks in Florida. He represents everything that…

This is a photo of Duane 'Dog' Chapman, of the reality TV show "Dog, the Bounty Hunter", at a CORE ceremony. In 2007, he gained a different type of notoriety for referring to his son's Black girlfriend as a 'nigger' more than a half dozen times in a…