photo of Roy Innis with General Idi Amin

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  • photo of Roy Innis with General Idi Amin

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photo of Roy Innis with General Idi Amin


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This is a photo of Roy Innis as CORE's national director with General Idi Amin, president of Uganda. The photo is from the early 1970's.
In many ways, this photo represents the beginning of the end of Roy Innis as a legitimate CORE leader and Black nationalist leader. It is after Innis' tour of Africa during the early 1970's that the support for his leadership began to fall apart.
Innis' plan was to create a program for dual citizenship in Uganda for African Americans similar to how American Jews have dual citizenship in Israel. The choice of Idi Amin as a partner, however, was wrong headed since he would eventually become known as a brutal dictator responsible for the murders of tens of thousands of Ugandan citizens, both political rivals and supporters of Amin.
Innis made Amin a member of CORE for life. Amin along with the organization of African Unity would eventually denounce Innis as an agent for U.S. intelligence agencies.

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