photo of New York CORE members Joe Jackson and Eva Kerr

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  • photo of New York CORE members Joe Jackson and Eva Kerr

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photo of New York CORE members Joe Jackson and Eva Kerr


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This is a photo of New York CORE members Joe Jackson (Black male) and Eva Kerr (White female, glasses, short hair) dancing together. It was taken at the home of Harlem CORE member Wendell Rachell in the early 1970's. (the second woman with the long hair is unidentified).

Jackson came into New York CORE shortly after it moved to 125th street when he was still a Brooklyn college student. He was mentored by and worked with Gladys Harrington. Like Eva Kerr, he eventually became Education Chairman under Roy Innis but eventually left CORE by 1970 because of disagreements with Innis. Although an integrationist, he was also a member of Harlem CORE's Black Power group.

Jackson was also part of the Mississippi Freedom Project and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party in 1964 as a member of SNCC because CORE would not sponsor him. he also worked for the SCLC in as one of the main organizer in New York for the Poor People's campaign.

In the early 1970's, he and Rachell unsuccessfully ran for seats on the Community School Board in District 1 as part of a multi-ethnic slate dubbed 'Por Los Ninos' to support superintendent Luis Fuentes (who was one of Rhody MCCoy's embattled school principles during the 1967-68 Ocean Hill-Brownsville school demonstrations). He later became a deputy manager for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Jackson also had two brothers who were also in Harlem CORE: younger brother Jerome Jackson, a nationalist, and older brother Jacki Jackson, a jazz musician with Sun Ra's Arkestra.

note: The Jackson brothers are all from New Haven, CT but are not related to CORE member Blyden Jackson. They did know each other from growing up in New Haven.


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LEJ Rachell


LEJ Rachell




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early 1970's, lower east side, nyc




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